Harley-Davidson® Hitch Cover, Black/White Bar & Shield Logo Hitch Plug 2287

$ 36.95 USD

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Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® Logo Trailer Hitch Cover Plug, 2287. Technically, this is called a Hitch Receiver Plug Cover. Most trailer hitches these days have a hollow drawbar receiving tube. The hitch ball plugs into the receiver. But most of the time, the ball is unused. Driving around with the ball is unsightly so most people remove it when not in use. Unused, the receiver tends to collect unwanted debris, like leaves, dirt, etc. This all leads to rust. So, why not install a plug into the receiver that says something about you and at the same time protects the receiver from the elements? Welcome the Bar & Shield® logo trailer hitch cover. With the iconic bar and shield shape, the plug, gleaming in polished black and silvery white, says it all. With a universal fit, it will fit 2 and 1.25-inch receivers. The plug is made entirely of metal and will last for years. Made in the USA by PlastiColor®
  • Bar & Shield logo hitch cover
  • 3D Bar & Shield Logo
  • Fits 2" and 1.25" receivers
  • All metal construction
  • Black & White