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Harley-Davidson® White Crystal Willie G Skull Ride Bell - HRB027

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Is too much bling ever a problem? In the Harley world the answer is no you can always add something more. Why not continue that one through your Ride Bell, especially with this blinged out Willie G Skull. Nothing can stop you now!

The Legend

Ever wish you could get rid of those nasty road "surprises" that turn you ride from enjoying the wide open road to hitting every road block imaginable? As everyone knows, life has many mysteries that have no explainable solutions, one of these is Evil Road Spirits. Evil Road Spirits are the little gremlins that live on your bike, they love to ride! However they are also responsible for most of your bike's problems. Road Spirits can't live in the presence of a bell, they get trapped in the hollow of the bell, and with there super-sensitive hearing the constant ringing of the bell in the confined space drives them insane! They eventually lose the grip and fall to the roadway (How do you think potholes are formed?) If you have picked up a bell for yourself the magic will still work, however if your bell was given to you, the power has been doubled. So if you have a friend that doesn't have a bell, why not be the perso to give them one?

Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson® Product by MOD Jewelry Group Inc.