H-D® Gravity - HDGRA

$ 110.00 USD

Smoke Grey/Matte Black
Facial Cavity Seal
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Climate Control Series

  • Removable Gaskets
  • PPZ™ Anti-Glare Lenses
  • ANSI Z87.1 Rated
  • LA™ Light Adjusting Lenses
  • RX Ready
  • On the Bike Use
  • Fits Head Size: M, L


  • PPZ™ Silver Flash (Smoke Grey) LensesThe ultimate day riding lens. Perfect for bright/glare conditions, these lenses provide maximum shade without distorting road hazards such as potholes, oil, ice, and water. PPZ™ lenses also eliminate visual distortion patterns allowing the rider to read GPS devices, mobile phones, and gas pumps. Light transmission: 14% +/- 3%.
  • LA™ (Light Adjusting) Smoke Grey Lenses 2.0LA™ lenses lighten and darken based on the amount of UV radiation in the immediate environment. As the sun becomes lower on the horizon (early morning, late afternoon or dusk), the atmosphere filters the UV radiation and lenses transmit more light to the eye. With superior optical clarity, these lenses provide a single solution for people who ride all day and night. Light transmission: 15% +/- 3%.
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